About The Smart Exchange

Be Smart. Be Green.

The Smart Exchange is a propane supply company, based out of Bradford, Ontario, with a SMART focus on the environment. Our customers exchange their old empty propane tanks for new, full propane cylinders at every purchase. It’s as easy as that!

Propane Tanks for Exchange

History of Simcoe Energy

  • 1989

    Hank Frederiks started a barbeque cleaning service for residents of the Greater Hamilton Area and was constantly asked the same question … Can you fill my tank with propane?  This began the exchange program.

    Hank designed a suitable exchange cage to house 20# cylinder tanks with sliding doors to accommodate smaller areas and reduced the risk of damaging cars when the cages were placed on gas station islands.

  • 1992–1993

    US Patents were received on the cage as well as Canadian Industrial Design approval. Business continued to grow organically focused in the Hamilton area.

    Hank registered the South Western Ontario Propane and the SWOP program started to gain traction. SWOP operated from several locations filling and refurbishing propane cylinders and continued to outgrow their facilities and moved their operation to Fenmar Drive in North York and eventually to Steinway Blvd in Etobicoke.

    The company had added several retail locations at this point and was growing out of refurbishing and filling bigger tanks for a national propane supplier and started looking toward growing the exchange program in 20# cylinders.

  • 1997–2020

    We moved to our current location in Bradford and installed a 30,000 gallon propane tank in the North yard. We outgrew the 30,000 gallon tank and installed and continue to maintain a 60,000gallon tank.

  • Today

    Fast forward to today and South Western Ontario Propane transitioned to Simcoe Energy and Technical Services Inc. and our main focus continues to be on the Smart Exchange Program and 20# BBQ cylinders.

    We look forward optimistically to the future with a solid base of customers in Ontario and continue to search out new and emerging business opportunities that align with our values and commitment to improving our position in the industry in Canada.